Enjoyable method to make a mid mod recycled plastic bottle decor

Enjoyable method to make a mid mod recycled plastic bottle decor


Upcycling is a fantastic method to decrease waste and produce practical and ornamental products from pre-existing products. Mid mod recycled plastic bottle designs are a simple and enjoyable method to include a special touch to your house design. In this short article, we’ll talk about 10 enjoyable and innovative methods to make mid mod recycled plastic bottle designs and how to do it yourself.

What Materials Do You Need?

To make mid mod recycled plastic bottle designs, you’ll require a couple of easy products. You’ll require a plastic bottle, scissors, paint, glue, and any other designs you wish to include. You’ll likewise require a drill if you wish to make holes in the bottle.

Actions to Prepare the Bottle

The initial step is to prepare the bottle. Start by cleaning up the bottle with warm soapy water. Utilize scissors to cut off the top and bottom of the bottle. This will offer you 2 different pieces that you can utilize for your decor.

Painting the Bottle

As soon as the bottle is prepared, you can start painting. You can utilize any kind of paint you desire, such as acrylic, spray paint, or perhaps nail polish. Select colors that will match your mid mod design. When you’re done painting, let the paint dry entirely prior to you carry on to the next action.

Including Decorations

Now it’s time to include decors to your bottle. You can utilize glue to connect little products such as beads, ribbons, or other discovered items. You can likewise utilize a drill to make holes in the bottle and include string or ribbon for a distinct appearance.

Developing a Light Fixture

If you wish to produce a lighting fixture, you can utilize a candle light to illuminate the within the bottle. You can likewise utilize LED lights for a brighter impact. Location the lights inside the bottle and connect the cable to the beyond the bottle utilizing glue or tape.

Making a Vase

You can likewise utilize your mid mod recycled plastic bottle decor to make a vase. Just fill the bottle with water and include a couple of flowers or other plants to develop a distinct and lovely vase.

Making a Pencil Holder

If you wish to make a pencil holder, you can utilize the bottle to hold your pens and pencils. You can likewise include a couple of decors to make it look much more distinct.

Developing a Lamp

Another terrific method to utilize your bottle is to develop a light. You can utilize a light bulb and a cable to make a light that will look excellent in any space.


Making mid mod recycled plastic bottle decors is an excellent method to minimize waste and include a special touch to your house design. With a couple of easy products and a little bit of imagination, you can produce a range of decors that will look fantastic in any space. From lights to vases to pencil holders, there are lots of enjoyable and innovative methods to utilize a recycled plastic bottle. Go ahead and provide it a shot!

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