How to fold a recycled book page heart ideal to slip a love note in

How to fold a recycled book page heart ideal to slip a love note in

Folding a Recycled Book Page Heart for a Love Note

In this post, we will reveal you how to fold a recycled book page heart for a love note. This job is simple, economical, and environment-friendly. Making a heart out of a book page is the best method to reveal somebody you care and include a distinct touch to a love note.

Products Needed

To make a book page heart, you will require the list below products:

  • Recycled book page
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Love note

Action 1: Prepare the Book Page

Start by picking a book page that is the ideal size for the heart you wish to make. Cut the page in half and dispose of the other half. You can utilize a ruler and a craft knife to make a tidy cut.

Action 2: Fold the Paper

Fold the book page in half and after that fold it in half once again to make a triangleEnsure that all the edges are lined up.

Action 3: Cut the Triangles

Utilizing scissors, cut the triangle in half. You must have 2 triangles now.

Step 4: Cut the Heart Shape

Cut each triangle in half once again to form 4 triangle shapes. Take among the triangles and cut off a little piece at the indicate make the heart shape. Do the exact same with the other triangle.

Step 5: Glue the Heart Together

Now it’s time to glue the 2 halves of the heart together. Take the glue stick and use a percentage of glue to the edges. Thoroughly push the 2 sides together and hold up until the glue dries.

Action 6: Add the Love Note

Take the love note and slip it into the heart you simply made. You can utilize a glue adhere to protect the note in location, if wanted.

Action 7: Decorate the Heart

To include a distinct touch to your heart, you can include decors such as ribbons, buttons, or sticker labels.

Step 8: Display the Heart

You can show your heart in any method you like. You can hang it up on a wall, or location it in a frame.


Making a book page heart is an excellent method to reveal somebody you care. It is simple to do, environmentally friendly, and you can include an individual touch with designs. With a love note tucked within, it makes a stunning and significant present.

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