How to make a Taco Christmas accessory

How to make a Taco Christmas accessory

How to Make a Taco Christmas Ornament

Christmas is a time of event and delight, and among the most joyful things to do is to make distinct decors for your tree. If you like tacos, why not make a taco Christmas accessory to include a little spice to your vacation design? This DIY job is simple to do and makes certain to bring a smile to everybody’s face.

Collect Your Materials:

To make your own taco Christmas accessory, you will require the list below products:

  • One foam ball
  • One sheet of felt
  • Hot glue weapon
  • Scissors
  • String or ribbon
  • Markers
  • Tiny beads and sequins
  • Tiny pompoms

Eliminate the Felt Pieces:

Start by cutting 3 pieces of felt in the shape of tacos. The felt pieces must be somewhat bigger than the foam ball. To make the taco shells, eliminated 2 pieces of felt in the shape of a curved line. The 3rd piece ought to be cut in a shape that will fit inside the taco shell and will be utilized to develop the filling of the taco.

Put together the Taco:

As soon as you have all of the felt pieces eliminated, start to put together the taco. Start by gluing the 2 taco shell pieces together. Glue the filling piece in the. Include information such as small beads, sequins, and pompoms to produce the garnishes of the taco.

Glue the Felt to the Foam Ball:

As soon as the taco is put together, you are all set to glue it to the foam ball. Begin by using hot glue to the foam ball and pushing the felt taco onto it. Hold it in location for a couple of seconds to ensure it is safe and secure.

Include the String or Ribbon:

As soon as the felt taco is safe and secure, it’s time to include the string or ribbon. Cut a length of string or ribbon and connect it around the top of the foam ball. This will be utilized to hang the accessory on the tree.

Draw a Face on the Taco:

To provide your taco accessory a little bit of character, draw a face on it with markers. You can make the taco appearance delighted, unfortunate, shocked, or whatever feeling you would like.

Include Final Details:

To complete your taco accessory, you can include any other information you would like. You can draw a sombrero, include a bandanna, or perhaps compose a message on the side of the taco.

Hang the Ornament on the Tree:

When your taco accessory is total, it’s time to hang it on the tree. Thoroughly connect the accessory to a branch with the string or ribbon and enjoy your workmanship!

Alternate Use:

Your taco accessory does not need to be restricted to Christmas time. You can utilize it as a decor for any feast or Cinco de Mayo event. You can likewise utilize it as a joyful design for any space in your home.


Making a taco Christmas accessory is an enjoyable and innovative method to bring a bit of Mexican taste to your vacation decors. With a couple of basic products and a little creativity, you can develop a special and joyful accessory that will make sure to bring a smile to everybody’s face. Get your materials and get crafty this vacation season!

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