How to make brightened Christmas trees with string

How to make brightened Christmas trees with string

How to Make Illuminated Christmas Trees with String


Lit up Christmas trees not just develop a wonderful environment throughout the holiday, they likewise make a spectacular declaration piece in any space. With simply a couple of easy products, anybody can develop a special and lovely illuminated tree in the convenience of their own house. This post will offer detailed directions on how to make a joyful illuminated tree with string.

Collect Supplies

The products you will require to make your lit up Christmas tree are:

  • String of lights
  • Cardboard
  • String or yarn
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Tape
  • Battery pack (optional)

Produce the Tree Template

To produce the design template for your tree, start by sketching an overview of a Christmas tree on the cardboard. As soon as the summary is drawn, cut it out with the scissors. The design template ought to be big enough to fit the string of lights.

Eliminate the Template

As soon as the design template is drawn, utilize the scissors to cut it out. Ensure to leave a little space in between each branch of the tree. This will assist the lights to be equally spaced out when they are strung up.

Paint the Template

As soon as the design template has actually been eliminated, it’s time to paint it. Usage whatever color paint you want to include some additional joyful cheer to your tree. Permit the paint to dry entirely prior to proceeding to the next action.

String the Lights

Now it’s time to string the lights on the tree. Start by plugging the lights into a battery pack (if utilizing) and after that string them through the branches of the tree. Make certain that the lights are equally spaced out.

Wrap the String or Yarn

When the lights remain in location, it’s time to cover the string or yarn around the branches of the tree. This will assist to hide the lights and produce a more consistent appearance.

Protect the Lights

As soon as the string or yarn is twisted around the branches, utilize tape to protect the lights in location. Make certain that the tape is firmly connected to the branches which the lights are protected.

Hang the Tree

Now it’s time to hang your lit up tree. Utilize a hook or nail to hang the tree on the wall. Make certain that the hook or nail is firmly connected to the wall prior to hanging the tree.

Switch on the Lights

As soon as the tree is hung, plug in the battery pack (if utilizing) and switch on the lights. Delight in the wonderful illuminated tree!


Developing a brightened Christmas tree with string is a simple and enjoyable method to include some additional joyful cheer to your house. With simply a couple of basic products and a little imagination, anybody can produce a lovely and special tree that makes certain to charm. Get your products and get begun producing your own illuminated tree. Pleased crafting!

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