How to make contemporary design Christmas trees out of recycled sweatshirts

How to make contemporary design Christmas trees out of recycled sweatshirts

Intro to Sustainable Christmas Tree Creation

Are you seeking to include an unique twist to your Christmas events this year? Why not produce your own sustainable Christmas tree out of recycled sweatshirts? You can make a contemporary design tree that will look excellent in any house. In this post, we’ll go over the procedure of developing a modern-day design Christmas tree out of recycled sweatshirts. We’ll cover the products you’ll require, the actions to take, and some suggestions for embellishing your tree.

Collect Your Materials

Prior to you begin, you’ll require to collect your products. You’ll require 2 sweatshirts, one for the base and one for the top. You’ll likewise require a piece of cardboard, scissors, a glue weapon, and decors of your option. Make certain to select sweatshirts that are soft and not too large.

Cut the Cardboard

The primary step is to cut the cardboard. Cut the cardboard into a tree shape. You can utilize a design template or make your own shape. Make certain the cardboard is tough enough to support the sweatshirts.

Glue the Sweaters to the Cardboard

As soon as the cardboard is cut, it’s time to glue the sweatshirts to it. Start by gluing the bottom sweatshirt to the cardboard. Ensure to line up the edges of the sweatshirt with the edges of the cardboard. When the bottom sweatshirt is safe, glue the leading sweatshirt to the cardboard. Ensure the 2 sweatshirts are lined up equally.

Embellish Your Tree

Now it’s time to embellish your tree. You can utilize ribbon, bells, accessories, or any other decors you like. Ensure to be innovative and pick designs that match your design.

Protect the Decorations

As soon as you’ve selected your decors, it’s time to protect them to the tree. Utilize the glue weapon to protect the designs to the sweatshirts. Make certain to put the designs where they will not be quickly gotten rid of.

Include Lights

If you wish to include an unique touch to your tree, you can include lights. String lights around the tree, making certain to protect them to the sweatshirts with the glue weapon.

Include a Star or Angel

To round off your tree, include a star or angel to the top of the tree. You can make your own or purchase one. Protect it to the top of the tree with the glue weapon.

Show Your Tree

When your tree is total, it’s time to show it. Discover an area in your house that will display your tree. You can put it in the living-room or in the corridor. Make certain it’s in a safe location and not near any heat sources.


Developing a contemporary design Christmas tree out of recycled sweatshirts is a terrific method to include an unique touch to your vacation design. With a couple of easy products and some imagination, you can make a special and sustainable Christmas tree. Start by collecting your products and cutting the cardboard. Glue the sweatshirts to the cardboard, then embellish the tree with accessories, ribbons, and lights. Include a star or angel to the top of the tree, then show it in your house. Now you have a stunning and sustainable Christmas tree that will last for several years to come.

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