How to make recycled roller stamps

How to make recycled roller stamps


Recycling products is a fantastic method to conserve cash and assist the environment. One imaginative method to do this is to make your own recycled roller stamps. Making your own roller stamps is an enjoyable, simple craft that can be utilized to embellish cards, tags, and other products. In this post, we will discuss how to make recycled roller stamps with 10 simple actions.

What You Need

Making your own roller stamps needs a couple of fundamental products. You will require an empty can with a plastic cover, material scraps, elastic band, scissors, and a glue weapon.

Action 1: Cut Fabric Into Strips

The initial step is to cut your material into strips. The strips must have to do with the exact same shapes and size as the cover of your can. Make certain the strips are long enough to twist around the cover.

Action 2: Wrap Fabric Strips Around Can Lid

As soon as you have actually cut the material strips, cover them around the can cover. Protect the material with elastic band.

Action 3: Glue Fabric To Lid

Now it’s time to glue the material to the cover. Utilize the glue weapon to protect the material in location. Ensure to cover the whole cover with the material.

Step 4: Cut Out Design

The next action is to eliminate the style for your stamp. Trace a style onto the fabric-covered cover and after that cut it out with scissors. Ensure the style is huge enough to make a clear impression.

Step 5: Glue Design To Can

When you have actually eliminated the style, glue it to the can. Ensure the style is strongly connected to the can.

Action 6: Add Ink To Can

Now it’s time to include the ink. Utilize a thin layer of ink to cover the style. Make certain the ink is uniformly dispersed on the style.

Action 7: Roll Can On Paper

When the ink is used, roll the can on a notepad. This will move the style onto the paper.

Step 8: Remove Stamp From Can

When you are done rolling the can, eliminate the stamp from the can. Thoroughly peel the material far from the can and set the stamp aside.

Step 9: Clean Stamp

Prior to utilizing the stamp once again, ensure to clean it. Utilize a moist fabric to clean away any excess ink.

Action 10: Store Stamp

When you are ended up utilizing the stamp, shop it in a safe location. Location the stamp in a plastic bag or container and shop it in a cool, dry location.


Making your own roller stamps is a fantastic method to recycle products and get imaginative. With simply a couple of fundamental products and a bit of time, you can produce your own distinct stamps. Follow these 10 simple actions and you’ll be presenting your own styles in no time!

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